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Tri-County Triangle Trail, Inc.

A Volunteer Non-Profit Supporting Multi-Use Trails in Fayette, Ross and Highland Counties


Below is the letter of support for the Ross County Park District levy that will appear on Ross County Ballot on November 6, 2019.   We hope you will support this issue by voting “YES” on November 6!





October 29, 2018


Dear Ross County Trail Supporter:


We are writing this letter to urge you to support the Ross County Park District’s .5 mil, ten-year levy on the November 6 ballot and to convince your family and friends to do likewise.


Increasing one’s taxes is never a light matter and must be considered carefully by all of us. We do understand that. The cost of this tax would be approximately $17.50 per year per $100,000 property value, the price of a pizza or one cup of coffee each month. The levy would generate approximately $673,700 annually for the park district. They currently work on a budget of $250,000. By comparison, the Chillicothe Parks and Recreation department operates on approximately $700,000, just for the city.


The Ross County Park District was established in 1993. At its inception, it was eligible to receive inside millage to support itself, but opted not to do so, since it would take funds away from schools. Experts warned them that, at some point, they would need to go to the voters to get a dedicated funding source. The county commissioners have supported RCPD from the general fund, but as budgets tighten and RCPD responsibilities have increased that funding is not adequate to get the job done. They have accomplished amazing things with their limited funding, but aging equipment and facilities need an influx of capital to continue and prosper. The park district is responsible for three nature preserves, the Paint Creek Recreational Trail and is co-owner of the Coppel Athletic Complex soccer fields.


Passage of the levy would allow: 1) replacing of aging equipment, 2) improving maintenance such as mowing and repairing facilities, 3) providing amenities such as restrooms to current sites, 4) providing matching funds to leverage getting additional grant funding from other sources, 5) providing grant writing for smaller community and township parks, 6) providing nature educational opportunities for local schools, 7) increasing security with video surveillance and ranger presence, and 8) providing quality services for the physical and mental well-being of citizens of all ages and interests.


On a personal level, I have always looked at my participation in Tri-County Triangle Trail, Inc. as an opportunity to leave our descendants a better world by providing a linear park that will outlive me. Our parklands are one of our country’s greatest treasure to leave to our children. What would our country be without the vision of ancestors in creating the National Park Service? Our local parks are invaluable to our citizens.  This is a gift we give to ourselves. Please vote for the levy on November 6.





Jackie Doles; VP/Corresponding Secretary