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Tri-County Triangle Trail, Inc.

A Volunteer Non-Profit Supporting Multi-Use Trails in Fayette, Ross and Highland Counties


Fayette County Government

Fayette County Commissioners

Dan Dean

Tony Anderson

Jack DeWeese


133 S. Main Street

Washington C.H, OH 43160

Phone: 740.335.0720

Fayette County Engineer

Steve Luebbe, P.E.

1600 Robinson Rd.

Washington CH, OH 43160

Phone: 740.335.1541

City of Washington

Joseph J. Dennen, Manager

105 N. Main St.

Washington CH, Ohio

Phone: 740.636.2380


City Council Members

103 N. Main Street

Washington CH, Ohio 43160

Dale E Lynch, Chairman

Leah Foster, Vice-Chairman

Benjamin Roby

Kimberlee Bonnell

Steve R. Jennings

Jim D. Chrisman

Kendra Hernandez


Web Page:



Fayette County Park District

(Contact Info to be added soon)




Highland County Officials


Village of Greenfield


City Manager Ron Coffey

300 Jefferson St.

Greenfield, Ohio 45123

Phone: (937) 981-3500


Highland County Commissioners

114 Governor Fouraker Pl.

Hillsboro, Ohio 45133

Phone: (937) 393-1911

Email: commissioners@co.highland.oh.us

Jeremy Shaffer

Jeff Duncan

Terry Britton

Tri-County Triangle Trail, Inc.

2017 Officers and Trustees

President/Trustee: Bruce Willis


Vice President/Trustee: Hugh Barnhill


VP/Corresponding Secretary: Jackie Doles


Treasurer: Moses Schwartz


Recording Secretary: Sandra Clark

Trustees: Bruce Willis, Hugh Barnhill, Moses Schwartz, Doris Hill, & Tom Pieratt


Send comments/Questions to:



Ross County Government

Ross County Commissioners:

Frank Hirsch

James M. Caldwell

R Douglas Corcoran


2 North Paint St.

Chillicothe, Ohio 45601-3187


Phone: 740-702-3085

email: rosscocom@bright.net

Hours: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm


Ross County Engineer:

Charles Ortman

755 Fairground Road

Chillicothe, OH  45601

Phone:  702-3130

email: rosscoeng@bright.net

City of Chillicothe

Luke Feeney, Mayor

35 S. Paint Street

Chillicothe, OH  45601

Website: http://www.chillicothe.com

Phone: 774-1185

Fax:  773-2072

email: luke.feeney@chillicotheoh.gov



Parks and Recreation

Bill Bonner, Director

35 S. Paint St.

Chillicothe, OH 45601

Mail: bill.bonner@chillicotheoh.gov



Ross County Park District

Joe Letsche

15 N. Paint Street

Chillicothe, OH 45601

Website: www.rosscountyparkdistrict.com

Phone: 740-773-8794

email: parksandpreserves@rosscountyohio.gov

Board of Directors:
Tom White
Michael Benson
James Doersam